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Henry’s Garage

I have already posted bird photos from our lunch at Wheelers Pancake House and Sugar Camp last week. Wheelers is quite an impressive family operation. Aside from the restaurant and boiler in the main building, there is a Maple Syrup … Continue reading

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Wheelers and Birds

We drove out to the country to Wheelers Maple Sugar Camp on Monday, Family Day. Naturally, I took some pictures. Naturally. And naturally I assume that you naturally want to see them.

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Five Filtered Fotos

I am a Photoshop® guy; most of the photos that I post here have been through some adjustments, however minor, in that program. However, I have so far avoided the many commercial add-on filters that one can purchase for Photoshop. … Continue reading

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Photographic Melange

Before I move on — to what or to where I know not, but regardless — I have photos strewn here and there in the archives that I’d like to share.       Larger with black matting  

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When You’re 64

We celebrated the beginning of the old girl’s 65th year yesterday, which means that it was her 64th birthday for those who have trouble with that way of framing the concept. Blessedly, it was also our day off work, so … Continue reading

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Sorry …

… but I am so doggone tired lately that I can’t seem to muster the energy to write a proper post: so enervated that it seems that I can barely think. And so, when I have posted recently, I have … Continue reading

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